Notion Business Template

Streamline your business operations with the Notion Business OS, from task assignment and time tracking to monitoring project budgets, labor costs, expenses, and more.

Notion Business Template
Notion Business Template
Notion Business Template

The Ultimate Business Management System

The best choice for your company is to work together with your team in one user-friendly place.

Get a sneak peek of the Intranet Business OS Notion Template

The ultimate solution to streamline operations for your agency, startup, or small business.

Organize all your work in one place

You can manage all your projects in one place. Organize tasks, timesheets, budgets, invoices, proposals, contracts, and meetings. Access comprehensive finance information, including labor costs, total costs, and profit balances.

Manage your Team Members

Organize your team members effectively. With our system, you can easily access information about each employee's projects, time logs, tasks, salaries, holidays, hourly rates, and more.

Manage your Leads and Deals

You can now manage invoices, proposals, and contracts all in one place, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity.

Who can benefit from the Notion Business OS?

You have the option to choose from three different packages. The Freelancer version is ideal for solopreneurs and personal use. The Team version is suitable for companies, enterprises, or large teams. And if you require additional features, you can select the Custom pack.



The best choice for freelancers, solopreneurs, and one-person business owners. You can organize your entire business in one powerful place - from lead generation to project invoicing.


Startup, Agency

Don't rely on multiple monthly subscription online tools to manage your team, projects, leads, and finances. Instead, consider using Notion Business OS. With this all-in-one platform, you can manage everything in one place for a single payment, without any recurring monthly fees.



For small businesses, the Team version is the optimal choice. With this version, you can manage everything in one place, eliminating the need for any additional monthly subscription tools.



For larger teams, this is an excellent choice. Everything can be organized in one user-friendly space, allowing you to manage the entire team by departments.

Everything you need to grow your business

Project management

Efficiently coordinate and collaborate on projects, tasks, and timesheet time entries within a unified platform, enhancing productivity and teamwork.

Finance & Budget

Streamline financial management by centralizing income and expense tracking, project budgeting, margin analysis, profit evaluation, and labor cost monitoring in a single, integrated platform.


Effectively manage your budget through collaborative time logs with your team and gain detailed insights into how time is allocated across projects and tasks.


Effortlessly organize and oversee your finances and expenses, categorized by types and sources, all within a centralized and accessible platform.


Simplify employee and team management by consolidating holiday schedules, salaries, hourly rates, and labor costs in a single, convenient location.


Efficiently handle tasks, track their progress with status updates, and visualize project timelines using a Gantt chart and Kanban board, all while monitoring costs and time tracking seamlessly.


Consolidate contract management for clients within your CRM and projects, organized by status, while enabling hassle-free document uploads for a seamless and efficient process.


Effectively manage employee absences and holidays through a user-friendly monthly and weekly calendar view, while also tracking approvals and calculating total absence days for streamlined leave management.


Effortlessly oversee company details, including customer information, invoices, contracts, proposals, projects, and contacts, all conveniently consolidated in one centralized platform.


Efficiently coordinate company events and meetings, standups, seamlessly bringing your team together within a unified platform.

Notice Board

Centralize essential company news and information on the notice board, ensuring easy management and access to key updates in one location.


Easily oversee team and subcontractor salaries month by month, all within a single, convenient management platform.

Pay once, use forever

Unlock the potential of the Notion Business OS to effectively consolidate your business management into a single, robust platform.


Best choice for Personal use, Freelancers




One time payment and get Lifetime acces and updates.

Project Management

Project Budget

Task & Timesheet

Content Planner

CRM & Companies

Finance & Report

Invoice, Proposal, Contracts


Best choice for Companies, Enterprises, Agencies, Teams




One time payment and get Lifetime acces and updates.

Everything in Solo version

Employees & Salary

Team Profile and Dashboard

Labor Cost & Profit


Holidays, Absence

Assets, Devices

Notice wall, Knowledge


Best choice for Companies, Enterprises, Agencies, Teams




One time payment and get Lifetime acces and updates and help in the setup and 1-2 hours of help and development work to customize the Intranet Business OS

Everything in Team version

1-2 hours work





Created by Solt Wagner, Notion Certified Creator

Created by Solt Wagner, Notion Certified Creator

I help freelancers and business owners grow up with my Notion Templates. Over 9,000 customers and 22,000+ Notion templates delivered worldwide.

I help freelancers and business owners grow up with my Notion Templates. Over 9,000 customers and 22,000+ Notion templates delivered worldwide.

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